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Non-Corrosive Treatments



For over the years the demand of lifting gear which shall be resistant against corrosion has grown intensively. Most of the small lifting equipment is delivered to the market with a standard powder coating or alkyd resin based painting systems with 60-80 ìm protective coating. The equipment returning from drilling rigs, offshore vessels every year shows intensively corrosion and has to be painted every year or even in shorter periods.

Lifting equipment used as loose gear for maintenance even lasts shorter, because this equipment suffers lot of damage due to the transport on board. The standard paint system has a lot of impact to resist and is damaged very fast. High costs are made in order to give the equipment a longer lifetime by disassembly and repainting.

Equipment permanently installed is also suffering heavy corrosion attacks due to the saline, salty and wet environment.

Since the lifting equipment like hand chain hoists, trolleys and combinations have small surfaces the usage of heavy paint systems is very diffi cult. Therefore we have developed a system of corrosion protection based on the standard environment as laid down in ISO 12944 C5I, - industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere - and C5M, - Maritime and offshore environments with high salinity - .


Against corrosion

ZincAL Protection system.

The ZincAL protection system is applied to the separate parts of the hoist and trolley units by a fl ame spraying process. The top color of such a treatment is being recognized by the typical grey color. On top of this system a customers top coat with a specific color can always be applied as an option. The advantages of our Non Corrosive treatments are :

An optional system with AISI material being applied is being used in situations where e.g. zinc or paint is not allowed.

Of course the use of various offshore paint systems are possible too when large
quantities can be reached. You can always contact us for more information.

For the separate prices we refer to the further catalog information at the separate pages with the Non Corrosive options mentioned.