Van Leusden B.V.

Van Leusden B.V. is a privately held company. With the majority of the shares being held by the executive directors who work exclusively for Van Leusden B.V.

Since December 2011 our premises have been located at the Ports of Moerdijk, strategically situated between the Port of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Our premises consists of 350 square meters office space and more then 1600 square meters of workshop space. With a total of 4500 square meters of premises there is also room for future expansion.

With a total workforce of approximately 20 people we are a small but flexible and effective organization.


Van Leusden B.V.

Parelhoenweg 2
NL - 4791 PA Klundert
Havennummer 457A
The Netherlands

Tel. : +31 168 385 225
Fax. : +31 168 385 230
E-mail :

VAT-Nr. NL005467925B01

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